Arena Floor Table Set Up

Arena Floor Lunch Event

Hall of Fame cocktail hour

Action Stations

Arena Floor Table & Screen configuration

Action Stations

Sampling Luncheon

Luncheon action stations

Buffet setup

Club Lounge Conference & Luncheon

Club Lounge Speaker Series

In the Heart of Culinary Niagara

Here at Meridian Centre, we proudly continue the tradition of Niagara's innovativeness in refreshment and food pairings. Equipped with a restaurant-sized kitchen and a culinary team, we can customize any menu to fit your any number of guests, their culinary needs, and any atmospheric requirements. Our catering can highlight any meal-time and any event from plated dinners, action stations, buffets, cocktail parties, hors-d'oeuvres and more. Please don't hesitate to alert us to any dietary or allergy related restrictions.

Some of our prestigious events include catering for celebrity speakers, the Mayor's farewell dinner, the Mayor's 2017 State of the City Address, the Festival of Lights dinner, AGM conferences and a number of athletes, visiting teams, media, and performing artists. 

Event Spaces

  • Club Lounge
  • Hall of Fame
  • Arena Floor
  • Meeting, AGMs, Conference, seminar, break-out rooms

For more details on our spaces, click here.