Niagara River Lions Join the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) 

The Niagara River Lions will be part of history as they announce the joining of the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL). The River Lions will compete with teams in  Hamilton, Guelph, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Fraser Valley during the league's 20-game inaugural season set to tip-off in May 2019. 

Fans can expect to be part of a premium entertainment product that will provide an engaging experience both on and off the court. The CEBL will feature Canada’s best up and coming basketball talent and international players from other FIBA ruled leagues. Each game fans will come together to experience local Niagara music, foods and entertainment in ways that create high energy, family-friendly experiences. The 20-game summer format will allow fans to take advantage of the warm Canadian summers, creating new experiences before and after games, and bringing the Niagara community together to support the local economy.

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