Arena Code of Conduct
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Arena Code of Conduct

Conditions of Entry


  1. Outside food, drink, or alcohol is prohibited into the facility. Refillable water bottles accepted.
  2. No bags over 12 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches. Soft-bags only. Guests with inadmissible bags will be required to return items to their vehicles prior to admittance.
  3. There is no re-entry into the venue once you have entered.
  4. For the safety of all guests, entry to the Meridian Centre includes walk-through metal detectors and may require wanding procedures upon alert from metal detector.
  5. Bag search and inspection of all items carried into the facility is a condition of entry. Meridian Centre Staff reserves the right to refuse admittance of any item deemed hazardous, inappropriate, offensive or suspicious. Guests with inadmissible items will be required to return items to their vehicles prior to admittance. Patrons leaving items such as large umbrellas for pick-up at the end of the evening do so at their own risk. Confiscated items will not be returned.
  6. No re-entry will be permitted. Meridian Centre is a non-smoking property. Certain game-day events may allow in-out privileges for guests to smoke in a designated areas.
  7. Small collapsible umbrellas up to 12 inches in length are permitted.
  8. No bikes, scooters, skateboards or strollers are permitted into the facility
  9. During events, no DSLR cameras, professional lenses, recording devices, or flash photography permitted
  10. Intoxicated patrons will be refused entry
  11. Children must be supervised by an adult
  12. Only service animals are permitted into the facility
  13. Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  14. By entering the Meridian Centre, patrons consent to being photographed, audio and video recorded which may be used for publication or reproduction on websites, social media, or any other purposes pertaining to the venue

* Some events will not have a MAG entry – Please check event information for specific details.

2023 Arena Code of Conduct

Meridian Centre Policies and Procedures

New Metal Detectors

In addition to the conditions of entry, patrons will be required to walk through a metal detector. Upon approaching metal detector:
  • Remove: Keys, Cameras, Cell Phones, Sunglasses
  • Do not remove: Belts, Coins, Wallets, Watches & Jewelry, Shoes, Jackets

**Excluding Niagara IceDogs games

Glass Cleaning Policy

In keeping with OHL/NHL facility guidelines, the Meridian Centre is equipped with the more forgiving, and shatter-proof, plexiglass system. The more rigid tempered glass is no longer used for player and spectator safety reasons in all NHL buildings and is gradually being brought into all OHL buildings. While increasing safety, the main drawback of plexiglass is the tendency of the glass to be permanently scarred from puck and stick marks.

The Meridian Centre adheres to an industry Standard Operating Policy that sees the glass cleaned on a weekly basis. This schedule reflects the overall use of the facility, not necessarily a game schedule practices inflict the greatest impact on the number of marks on the glass.

The plexiglass itself is cleaned completely by hand with special cloths and a material specific cleaning solution. It is very labour intensive and literally requires every mark to be polished by hand. Unfortunately, over time you will notice these marks never go away 100% and eventually the plexiglass will have to be replaced. The impact on spectator experience is, unfortunately, an acknowledged trade-off made in favour of increased safety for both players and spectators.

Lost and Found

Please call 905-684-8400 with a description of the item as well as the date you attended.
1 David S Howes Way St. Catharines, Ontario
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